Joel’s E30 S50 Conversion



Yes now we have Joel getting in on the “SPEED” Conversion action with his 2nd conversion, the first being the compact with 2.8 m52 motor etc, now purchasing a 1990 “Lazurblau” E30 318i Coupe from Gumtree , this BMW can do with (More than) a refresh……. so a lightly modified S50B3.0 M3 motor and 5Speed box, JB racing flywheel, gripforce  clutch kit and AKG short shift, Full Stainless 3″ exhaust after factory extractors, Joel has collected all these parts along the way…body -  e36 KW coilover kit with e36M3 front legs/brakes on e36 5Stud Conversion and 3.46LSD, the body he wants is all standard E30 late model….the “Q” car !

Update 2018- Parts are gathering for the S50B30 motor build, balanced and crack tested crank done and motor on stand for pull down!…purchase of Elring VRS gaskets and VAC’s Vanos Delete kit! ….Head will be off to Neil soon!

Update 7/2018- The mighty 318 will get a 5stud conversion first ,as the original diff’ is about to go …….BANG!….well if Joel and Benny have ANYTHING to do with it!…Just purchasing a Carbon Fibre Air box to replace the original one we thought we owned! Joel has removed and sold of the M40b18 motor and autobox! Time to clean engine bay and think about the Auto to 5speed Man conversion ,before the interim m52b28 goes in!

Update 8/2018- No to the 5stud first up ,said Joel!… m40 and Auto is out (Sold)and e46 steering rack job almost done….Auto to man conversion first ,New clutch line with master and slave cylinders in and link to steering rack done! pedal box with the extra pedal and AKG Short shift in, m52b28 with s50 extractors and alloy flywheel in for now until the S50 motor is built!







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