’70 Lancia Flavia 2000 Coupe’


I had been looking for over a year now to find a worthwhile Lancia to do the “Two Oceans” FLCWA Tour and maybe the Castlemaine run in Victoria, a nice Flavia came around at the Italian car show for reasonable money…till a comment from a club member spooked the seller into thinking “More” money, with that purchase sunk, I went back to forgetting about owning a rare Lancia to enjoy touring in, till Rob rang with an offer I couldn’t refuse!! I bought this “ex-Rocco”1970 Lancia Flavia Coupe 2000 sight unseen! While away in Melbourne my sons picked up the motor from the mechanic and the rest from a panel beater, on arrival home saw what I bought….a very straight and loved car that had more badges and bits hanging on it that ever came out originally from factory(Hahaha), clean interior, but tied paint on very minor rust in a few places…..oh and in bits…another Resto’ Project!

Update 4/2018- First thing was to get the trusted Panel and Paint guy (Wayne) over to asses as well, then tell me when and how much! …while looking over noticed many things…one is SHE is not a natural blonde! yes the blue is a cheap colour change unfortunately, as is the ugly black under the hood!…..injected badges belonging to the injected motor neither should be there! I did know about the motor as the original carby motor comes with, so strip and get up to Wayne then!! Finding the factory original colour is (York Red) a dark Red/Burgundy ,I have found the colour code and that is what she will be again!!

Update 11/2018- still with Wayne but moving along nicely! All bodywork now done and sitting in primer ready for the next step in January 2019….Burgundy (Lancia York Red) Paint job!!

Update 1/2019- Still with Wayne but now body done and in Primer , on hold while other jobs come up to speed…….

Update 2/2019- Well…Rob.N the previous owner has seen what I am doing with his Lancia striping and painting original colour with removing the Extras!…. and has urged me to sell back to him, so at the same price he graciously sold me, have done so!















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