Damian’s e36M3 Club Spec’

Damian has a few cars to the collection ,his “Just for Fun Car” bought from the Eastern States we pit passed ,the 1994 BMW e36M3, will be used for club type events and hill-climbs!

Update from 2017- That 12months, we have upgraded his complete Exhaust system and Coil-over suspension, Camber/Caster plates with custom front caster bush, adjustable rear Suspension Arms….Now the lust for “More Power

Update 3/2018- S50B30 Head off and onto Neil for crack test, straight/warp? ,etc

Update 4/2018- While waiting on the head Damian has run forward with the purchase of 284deg Schrick cams , Vanos Delete kit and we have picked up the Performance Supertech Valves ! …last week of the month we have everything to get on with the Top End Overhaul !

Update 5/2018- Head back from Neil, Porting and clean up of the S50 intake and Exhaust ports , assemble the intake and exhaust valves for camshaft “dialling in” (inner spring only)

Update 6/2018- Cambox has an issue! Now replaced and back on track , dummy assemble for shim adjustment and Schrick camshaft dialling in done! awaiting on ARP HSK to arrive then we can assemble to block incar!

Update 7/2018- ARP HSK arrived and fitted, Exhaust Air pump to head blocked and head and Schrick camshafts in and set ready for Cam wheels with timing sensors (yes they don’t automatically come with vanos delete kit, read the fine print at the bottom?!!)…..and make sure you spell out that it has standard EMS system, thought it was obvious when asking for a euro version with 8 trigger sensor instead of 1 on there description!…week 4- think I will have to make my own from the factory one!!!

Update 8/2018- (first day of the month) A day at the lathe and we have a modified standard factory trigger to suit the VAC Vanos delete kit and timed up cams! ..week3 remove oil pump and sump, inspect for wear etc and upgrade to Evo 3.2 sump and pump with anti-surge second pick up!







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